All 'sales' are coloured red. Allegedly.

All sales are red

Recently, a colleague informed me that all "sales" use the colour red. He actually gave me a specific Pantone reference, too, just to complete his absolute truth. This got me thinking...

So first thing to do? Yep, Google it.

So I did.

When I clicked to 'images', I was stunned to see a mass of red. Really! Go do it for yourself. I'll be here waiting when (or if) you return.

So, you're back, huh? Let's continue. Did that surprise you? It surprised me. I've never strictly followed the thought of using red for any sales design I have created...and, believe me, I've done an awful lot of horrid 'sale' designs in my time.

Obviously there are quite a few exceptions to this 'absolute truth', but why do most folk think of red to be the colour of choice? (oxymoron alert).

So, time to delve deeper. After an exhaustive search...oh alright, I Googled it again...I discovered this :

The Color Red Is The Best Choice When You Want Attention

The color red is one of three primary colors and is thought to be the color to provoke the most response among humans. Red is considered a warm color along with orange and yellow. This intense color is also known to induce emotions from passion to violence. Experiments have shown that rooms painted red will encourage workers to work faster. Along with the faster work came more mistakes, making red not the best option for wall paint in a work environment. Red used on walls has been found to be a great benefit in restaurants, causing an increase in appetite.

Red is a symbol of high energy and aggression. It is often used in warning or danger signs. This is because the color red stands out against backgrounds of white or black. Many traffic signs use the color red because it is the most visible color in daylight. Red and its many shades of color are also used as a symbol of love. Hot reds to pale pinks can be found in many romantic greeting cards and are used in the symbol of the heart.

Red has been found to have such a huge impact on people, it can even cause the heart to beat faster. A study has shown that when two sports teams are equally matched, the team dressed in red is more likely to win. Since red seems to bring up confrontation, it is best not to wear red when in negotiations at your place of employment. The color red is often used to draw attention making items appear stronger, brighter and heavier.

If using the color red on a webpage, it is best to use it as an accent color to ring attention to specific links or words on the page. If using red all over, a deeper, darker red would work best. A bright red is hard on the eyes being too bright and can make it difficult to read contrasting words. Common website color schemes that use red are the colors black, red, white and grey. With just a pop of red, this can be a very formal looking webpage. The color red will stand out making visitors take notice of key words. For those that like red, a good choice is a monochromatic color scheme. Using several shades of red with a contrasting color for links or main words can create a powerful webpage.

source : link

So, maybe my colleague was onto something. Not that I will give a damn in the future, anyway. Most clients I work for have specific colour palattes to work within. Let's just hope they don't want a 'Sale'.

But I shall finish with one of my favourite quotes : "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist" - Pablo Picasso

Nice one, Pablo!

Paul Thompson